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Featured New Releases to Support Your Work with Babies, Toddlers and Their Families 

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Explore new early childhood books and resources to help you succeed in every aspect of your career, including reflective practice, equity, early brain development, challenging behaviors, creating safe learning environments, cultural competence and evidence-based practices   

Honoring Voices Within Infant and Early  Childhood Mental Health: Relationship-Based Stories from the Field 

Edited by Carla Barron, PhD, LMSW, IMH-E® and Karol A. Wilson, LMSW, IMH-E 

Grounded in foundational IECMH theory, “Honoring Voices” illuminates the complex yet rich process that professionals engage in when delivering IECMH services for diverse infants, toddlers, young children, and their families. Using personal stories, the book examines relationship-based practice within various contexts, family structures, and cultures. In spaces where relationships are central, professionals dig deep to reflect, wonder, make sense of, deepen, and at times seek to repair ruptures in relationships—all while keeping the child in mind. 

Early Connections: A Parent Café Curriculum from ZERO TO THREE

By Rebecca Parlakian, Claire Lerner, Kathy Kinsner and Maria Gehl

ZERO TO THREE’s Early Connections helps parents explore and practice critical caregiving skills and nurture parent-child connections. A 15-site research evaluation found that Early Connections is effective in various settings that serve families with young children. Each of the ten 90-minute units provides opportunities for participants to explore their parenting journeys, learning from each other and from ZERO TO THREE’s research-informed positive parenting strategies. 

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DC:0-5 Casebook

Editors Kathleen Mulrooney, Miri Keren, and Joy D. Osofsky; Preface by Charles H. Zeanah Jr.

As a companion volume to the DC:0–5™: Diagnostic Classification of Mental Health and Developmental Disorders of Infancy and Early Childhood (DC:0–5™; ZERO TO THREE, 2016, 2021), the DC:0—5™ Casebook puts you in the shoes of infant and early childhood mental health professionals from across the globe, bringing the “story” of a child’s and caregiver’s experience to life through 15 real-world applications and diagnostic summaries. 

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RIOS™ Guide for Reflective Supervision and Consultation in the Infant and Early Childhood Field 

By Christopher Watson with Maren Harris, Jill Hennes, Mary Harrison and Alyssa Meuwissen

Finally, the book Reflective Supervisors have been waiting for! The first-of-its-kind RIOS™ Guide for Reflective Supervision and Consultation in the Infant and Early Childhood Field provides infant and early childhood practitioners with a blueprint for using the Reflective Interaction Observation Scale (RIOS™) as a framework to plan and shape reflective supervision sessions.  

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Linking Sensory Integration and Mental Health 

By Susan A. Stallings-Sahler, Gilbert M. Foley, Marie E. Anzalone and Serena Wieder

Early childhood service providers know that each child is unique. And we know your mission is to fully nurture each child’s unique personality as their personality emerges. Linking Sensory Integration and Mental Health details how each child’s sensory processing, self-regulation and mental health are intimately woven to help readers understand sensory development and learn about effective assessment and intervention approaches. 

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The Brain Development Revolution 

By Ross A. Thompson 

The Brain Development Revolution: Science, the Media, and Public Policy delves into the fascinating story of the 1997 “I Am Your Child” campaign, which went viral before the advent of social media. The book examines how the topic of early childhood brain development became national news overnight, analyzing the messaging used and suggesting ways to improve science communication for the benefit of children and the public. 

$29.99 Regular Price 

Break the Cycle

By Dr. Mariel Buqué

Weaving together scientific research with practical exercises and stories from the therapy room, Dr. Buqué teaches readers how trauma is transmitted from one generation to the next and how they can break the cycle through tangible therapeutic practices, learning to pass down strength instead of pain to future generations.

When a physical wound is left unhealed, it continues to cause pain and can infect the whole body. When emotions are left unhealed, they similarly cause harm that spreads to other parts of our lives, hurting our family, friends, community members, and others. Eventually, this hurt can injure an entire lineage, metastasizing across years and generations. This is intergenerational trauma.

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Grow Your Professional Learning Library with Our Bestsellers 

Tried, trusted and recommended by ZERO TO THREE Members and Staff, these early childhood bestsellers will help you create a balanced collection of educational resources to support learning and development.  

DC:0-5 Diagnostic Classification of Mental Health and Developmental Disorders of Infancy and Early Childhood version 2.0 is here. This updated manual includes numerical codes to make the inclusion of DC:0-5 disorders in health care delivery and electronic medical records more accessible. Available in digital download and print.  

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  • Spanish: $69.99 

Behavior Has Meaning Wheels


Challenging behaviors are a normal part of early childhood development. But how do we address them? These wheels on challenging behaviors offer a 3-step approach to effectively understanding and managing behaviors such as biting and tantrums. This package includes ten bilingual (English and Spanish) wheels. 

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Don’t Hit My Mommy!

By Alicia Lieberman, Chandra Ghosh Ippen and Patricia Van Horn

This practical handbook offers treatment guidelines for the behavioral and mental health problems of young children whose most intimate relationships are disrupted by the experience of violence. Practitioners from a variety of disciplines gain an understanding of the impact of violence and discover concrete intervention strategies to address the consequences of this experience for young children. 

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Reflective Supervision and Leadership

By Mary Claire Heffron and Trudi Murch

Reflective supervision can be complex, especially when the same supervisor is responsible for providing both reflective and administrative supervision. Reflective Supervision and Leadership in Infant and Early Childhood Programs offers a unique focus on this blended supervision model. It explains reflective practices fundamental concepts and frameworks and provides various strategies to promote reflective supervision in different work environments. 

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A Practical Guide to Reflective Supervision 

Edited By Sherryl Scott Heller and Linda Gilkerson 

This valuable book outlines the critical steps in creating a system of reflective supervision within an early childhood program to improve services and support staff and better meet the needs of children and families. With chapters written by leading experts, this book answers the critical questions that every program needs to know to launch reflective supervision and lists activities that can be used to build the reflective capacity within a staff.  

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Biting: Before, During And Preventing Next Time Wheels 


Toddler biting is a very common behavior, which means there are a lot of concerned parents and early childhood professionals out there. You are not alone. The ZERO TO THREE Biting Wheels helps early childhood providers and caregivers understand how to respond to the child who bit and the child who was bitten, and learn how to prevent biting in the future. Each package includes 10 bilingual (English and Spanish) wheels. 

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