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Our Federal Policy Agenda

Here is how we move forward to ensure that all babies can meet their full potential.

Our systems for supporting the health and well-being of young children and families are threadbare.

ZERO TO THREE’s State of Babies Yearbook reveals that, even before COVID-19 shook the world, families with young children faced challenges to babies’ strong development, especially babies of color and those in families with low income. In response to this burgeoning crisis, the ZERO TO THREE Policy Center offers a suite of resources that identify policy opportunities to bolster the supports available to America’s youngest children and their families and to lay a strong foundation for our future.

Fight for Our Families

An Agenda for the Administration and the 118th Congress

Every day across the United States, parents take on the toughest yet most joyous job—raising the more than 11 million infants and toddlers who, in the second half of this century, will be the workers, caregivers, problem-solvers, and leaders of our country.

The actions of the 118th Congress and the President take to support what infants and toddlers most need to thrive: Good Health, Strong Families, and Positive Early Learning Experiences, will help determine whether families who have carried on through the pandemic and tough economic times have the tools for this vital work and whether critical early foundations for their children and the nation will be strong or fragile. 

ZERO TO THREE’s federal policy agenda reflects the hopes and challenges families express for giving their infants and toddlers what they need most.

Be a Big Voice for Little Kids

Bring attention to what babies and their families need to thrive.