Programmatic Assistance for Tribal Home Visiting (PATH)

PATH increases the capacity of Tribal Home Visiting and Tribal Early Learning Initiative (TELI) grantees.

PATH supports Tribal Home Visiting and Tribal Early Learning Initiative (TELI) grantees by increasing their capacity to implement high quality, home visiting programs with tribal communities and develop integrated early childhood systems serving American Indian and Alaska Native families.

Technical assistance to tribal grantees is delivered through a relationship-based approach aimed at meeting grantees wherever they are in program development and supporting them in addressing challenges, improving performance and enhancing their home visiting program delivery.

The project is funded through the Administration for Children and Families and works in partnership with the Arizona State University Office of American Indian Projects. The PATH team supports grantees through a variety of technical assistance activities including virtual and in-person individualized learning activities, facilitating peer sharing and group learning events and developing tools and resources to support grantee efforts.