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12 Days of Holiday Reads: Keeping it Shiny and Bright with Babies and Toddlers

A father plays with his toddler and their toys.

Navigate this year’s holiday season with these helpful tips.

Greetings from Rebecca Parlakian, ZERO TO THREE Parenting Expert! Find a few tips on video chatting this holiday season.

Top Ten Ways to Use Videochat to Share Holiday Traditions
The 2020 holiday season is different than any other. Learn more about using videochat technology to share traditions with your child and distant family members.



Best Toys for Babies & Toddlers
Looking for gift ideas that will last the test of time for your little ones? Check out great ideas here that will grow with your child.



Tips on Choosing Toys for Toddlers
Now that your child is on the move, exploring, and starting to talk, use this resource to think about selecting toys that will jumpstart all kinds of learning.



Nurturing Gratitude
Raising a child who’s thankful and grateful is a goal for most of us parents. This resource offers ideas for how to nurture this quality, starting early.



Shoot for the Stars: Play Ideas for December
December is a month of short days and long nights—the perfect time to explore stars with your little one.



Picky Eating Hacks
Yams? Peas? Mushrooms? Dessert made of…pumpkins? There’s a lot of new and different foods on the holiday table. Check out these research-based ideas for introducing new flavors to your “choosy” eater.



Managing Tantrums
Holiday stress can get to us all, including our toddlers. Here are some reminders of how to help your little one hold it together when they’re falling apart.


Quiet, Cozy Celebrations: Curl Up With a Good Book
Cuddling up with a story and a little one on our lap is the perfect shelter-in-place activity. Check out these book suggestions (just right for children 0-5) that focus on celebrating all different kinds of traditions.


Sharing Family Traditions with Grandchildren
Shout-out to the grandparents! The relationship you have with your grandchild is special and unique—and one of the most important ways to share family history, stories and traditions.


‘Tis the Season … Handling Unwanted Parenting Advice With Grace
Everyone is always so helpful about giving advice (LOL)! Here are some tips to help you respond with grace to even the most (not) helpful suggestions.


New Year’s Resolution: No More Yelling
It’s the annual process of setting resolutions we don’t keep. But you can keep this one: No more yelling in 2021. Our resource shows you how.



Your Presence is the Present
Your little one won’t remember much about these first three holiday seasons, but what they’ll take with them forever is the way they felt during the early years. Find tips on staying present for these truly magical moments and sharing that joy and calm with your child.


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