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5 Ways Your Toddler is Just Like “Baby Yoda”

May the Fourth

A few things in common with Baby Yoda your little one has.

Meet Grogu, the cutest character to come out the *Star Wars* franchise since the Ewoks. You’ve probably seen the adorable 50-year-old in a meme even if you’ve never seen the new Disney+ series, *The Mandalorian*. While Baby Yoda is already quite “old,” he (though we can’t be sure of gender) sure looks and acts like a two-year-old. That’s because his species lives a long time. Remember, the original Yoda, from *Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back*, was 900 years old.

While your toddler doesn’t have a floating stroller for cruising around the neighborhood, they do have quite a few other things in common with Baby Yoda. Let’s discuss.

1. They are so cute, especially when they walk.

There is not much that’s cuter than the sight of a toddler, well toddling. Their uneven gait as they waddle back and forth is just so charming. Your child in a toddling race with Baby Yoda would make us *swoon*.


2. They are into everything

Does your toddler try to steal metal pieces off your gearshift and push buttons that make your spaceship wobble? No? Well they *would* if set free from their car seat and given the chance! In your space/time (and not a galaxy far, far away) they are probably grabbing your car keys (your phone, your earrings…), investigating the dishwasher, and diving into the one unlocked cabinet that holds food storage containers.


3. They try to eat things they shouldn’t.

Hopefully your toddler hasn’t gotten their hands on a live frog lately, but perhaps they have located a candy wrapper or some other “treasure” (like a piece of cereal they were eating earlier) that found its way to the floor? If given the opportunity to wander around, your toddler is bound to find something disgusting and then attempt to lick or eat it.


4. They can “use the force.”

Maybe your toddler can’t close their eyes, hold up a three-fingered hand, and stop a rhino-sized beast from stampeding. But they certainly can wield strength. They are masters at sending signals (wordlessly, if not noiselessly) to get their needs met by the caregivers in their lives. Very powerful, they are.


5. They inspire you to be the best person you can be.

Even tough bounty hunters like the Mandalorian can’t walk away from the adorableness of a toddler. When given the option to take the money and run, he just couldn’t leave Baby Yoda. Babies and toddlers bring out our best selves with their sweetness and the wide-eyed trust that we’ll keep them safe and meet their needs. Which is good, since it makes up for the more difficult moments of stubbornness and screeching.


So, snuggle up with your mighty little Jedi master—even if yours is not green-skinned, floppy-eared, and doe-eyed. They are still cute, adventurous, curious, strong, and inspiring. Enjoy their pudgy legs and wobbly walk now, because that will change at the speed of light.



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