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A Note From La Guardia Cross

Meet La Guardia Cross, Youtube star, creator of New Father Chronicles, and our partner in Daddy Matters.

La Guardia Cross and Daughter

La Guardia began creating videos for ‘New Father Chronicles’ when his daughter, Amalah, was just 2 days old.

“Hey, my name’s La Guardia (like the airport) Cross. I’m the creator of the viral web series ‘New Father Chronicles’ and co-creator (Leah did all the work) of the connivingly cute 2-year-old, Amalah, and our newest little sleep assassin, Nayely. I’m also an extreme non-expert on fatherhood. Luckily, that didn’t stop my friends at ZERO TO THREE from partnering with me to launch a 4 part web series titled ‘Daddy Matters’.

This series is the beginning of a conversation we’d like to have with newbie, experienced, and soon to be dads. I sat down with friends and cool strangers to discuss things that matter to dads, while showcasing why we matter in the lives of our kids.

We’ll talk about the silly mistakes we’ve made, what we’ve learned (positive or negative) from our own fathers, the parenting struggles we face, and how to support each other. We’d love for you to join the conversation, invite a friend or family member, ask questions, and drop some nuggets you’ve learned on your own journey.

Daddy Matters launches on Friday June 2, check out the trailer:

We’ll update this page each week with helpful links to support the theme of each episode. You can also visit our website and follow us on social media: LaGuardiaCross.comYouTubeFacebook | InstagramTwitter


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