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Connecticut Links Services through Early Childhood Consultation Partnership (ECCP®)

An early childhood educator interacts with a toddler

The ECCP® program is a statewide, comprehensive, data-driven early childhood mental health consultation program.

ECCP® is an evidence-based, best practice program that is solidly backed by three rigorous Random Control Trial (RCT) evaluations. ECCP® provides early childhood mental health prevention and intervention services to children who are at risk for suspension or expulsion from early care and education settings due to behavioral and mental health concerns. This is done through consultation, capacity building, and planning around individual children, families, and classrooms.

The ECCP® program is manualized and monitored through a centralized information system. This helps ensure model fidelity and consistent delivery of the program across Connecticut. Through partnerships and collaboration with various state agencies, a seamless delivery system that provides ECCP® services across various funding streams has been developed. ECCP® services are made available to all children, classrooms, and centers in Connecticut. 99% of children at risk of suspension or expulsion were not suspended or expelled at the one-month follow up of their classroom teacher receiving ECCP® consultation services.


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