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Courses for Professionals Working with Military and Veteran Families

Workshops, audio-conferences and webinars on a range topics. Examples are included below.
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Coming Together Around Military Families: Supporting Young Children Through Challenging Times

This full-day workshop examines the social emotional needs of babies and toddlers; the impact of stress on early childhood brain development; and the implications of complicated deployments, parental injury, and parental loss for very young children. Participants will gain an understanding of how to “come together” as a community to foster resilience in military families and their babies and toddlers impacted by combat deployments.

Coming Together Around Military Families: What Babies Need

This interactive training focuses on highlighting the basic needs of babies and toddlers, focusing on attachment, the importance of early relationships, and early brain development.

Coming Together Around Military Families: Trauma, Grief & Loss for Infants and Toddlers

Many adults are surprised to learn that babies and toddlers can be deeply affected by trauma, grief and loss. This workshop explores how babies and toddlers experience loss, as well as protective factors that professionals can foster for optimal development.

Coming Together Around Military Families: Coping with Separation and Maintaining Connections

How can we help parents keep connections strong with their very young children? This workshop presents ideas on promoting strong connections and strategies to help infants and toddlers cope with parental separation associated with military deployment.

Coming Together Around Military Families: Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Young Children

This workshop will address the social and emotional needs of infants and toddlers, as well as explore strategies to promote resiliency.

Coming Together Around Military Families: Reintegration and Reunion from a Child’s Perspective

Homecoming is another change for infants and toddlers. This workshop will help participants understand this transition from the perspective of the very young child, as well as explore ways to support family reintegration.

When a Parent Comes Home Changed

This workshop covers how to support young children whose military parent has been inured.

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Cost: Varies; Webinar costs vary according to length and preparation time required. Other costs may include: materials, photocopying, shipping, travel expenses if applicable. Note: Costs are subject to change.

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