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Everyday Fun With Technology and Engineering: Let’s Talk About STEM Video

Watch to see how an understanding of engineering and technology develops from birth to 5 years old.

Let’s Talk About STEM: Everyday Fun with Engineering from ZEROTOTHREE on Vimeo.

Engineering and technology skill sets emerge as children explore:

  • Solving the problems they encounter in their world (and making their own problems to solve!);
  • Combining objects in new ways—stacking, lining up, nesting inside, and more;
  • Testing how things work, like pressing buttons on the television remote;
  • Changing part of a system, like the height of a ramp, and making predictions about what will happen; and
  • Using information about what works and doesn’t work to improve their creations.

Download a handout with activities designed to support young children’s growing pattern awareness from birth to 5.

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