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Five Senses Exercise

A mindfulness practice for families - in this practice, engaging our senses helps us focus on the present moment.

A Mindfulness Practice for Families

Engaging our senses helps us focus on the present moment.

Notice how you and your child are feeling as you begin. Then, together with your child:

  • Notice five things that you can see. Look around you. Notice and name five things that you can see.
  • Notice four things that you can feel. Tune in to your sense of touch. Notice and describe the texture of four things you can touch.
  • Notice three things you can hear. Listen carefully. Notice and name three sounds you hear in your environment.
  • Notice two things you can smell. Notice and name two smells you recognize.
  • Notice one thing you can taste. Focus and name one thing that you can taste right now. You can take a sip or bite of something, or simply notice the current taste in your mouth.

How are you and/or your child feeling now? Do you feel more connected to your surroundings and the present moment?

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