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Vol 32 No 3 – Conversations With Experts

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ZERO TO THREE conducted a survey to better understand the challenges and issues facing parents today

When ZERO TO THREE conducted a survey to better understand the challenges and issues facing parents today (Hart Research Associates, 2010), a number of interesting findings emerged that provided useful insight into how professionals can better support parents and other caregivers in their efforts to nurture healthy development. Some of the important discoveries included:

  • Parents need more information to fully understand the timeline and processes of early social and emotional development.
  • Parenting practices are powerfully influenced by one’s own upbringing.
  • Grandparents are vital sources of support and information.
  • Fathers and mothers experience parenting differently.

These and other important insights from the survey provided an opportunity for ZERO TO THREE to develop new resources to inform the infant–family field and bridge the gaps in information. In September 2011, ZERO TO THREE launched Little Kids, Big Questions, a podcast series featuring interviews with national experts who offer guidance and resources to parents and professionals in nurturing children’s healthy development. The articles in this issue of Zero to Three provide excerpts that have been adapted from these interviews, and offer a unique look at how leaders in their fields understand and address the issues raised in the survey.

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