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Kentucky Offers Early Care Staff Protected Status for Child Care Subsidies

According to the State of Babies Yearbook 2021, the child care workforce remains 12 percent smaller than it was prior to the pandemic, and those providers who are operating face an ongoing struggle to keep their doors open to families.

In an effort to stabilize programs, encourage staffing, and help child care staff who simply do not receive adequate compensation for the work they do, Kentucky leaders have added child care employees as a protected population to the Child Care Assistance program. This change, applicable to all employees who work in licensed and certified child care programs regardless of their role, makes it easier for providers and people working in child care to access subsidies for their own children.

Made possible through American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds, this innovative benefit will be available in late October. Not only will current child care staff receive aid, the measure will potentially grow a declining workforce and assist child care programs that often reduce their own bottom lines to offset the cost of staff children in care.


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