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Meet ZERO TO THREE’s New Chief Financial & Administrative Officer

An interview with Pia Valdivia

1. What are some things that have convinced you that you and ZERO TO THREE are a good match?

I strongly identify with ZERO TO THREE’s mission for babies and toddlers to have a strong start in life as I’m also currently “living zero to three” at home with my 2-year-old daughter. Being part of the senior leadership team and having an opportunity to help shape the direction of ZERO TO THREE feels meaningful and exciting to me. Having now spent 3 months in my new role, I can positively say that I so enjoy working with staff, senior leadership, and board members to translate existing and new strategies into viable financial plans to ensure the proactive financial management of the organization.

2. As you look at ZERO TO THREE from your perspective, what are you most excited or inspired by?

ZERO TO THREE’s story—past, present, and future—is a collective narrative told by the countless individuals who contribute to the education, research, service, and spirit of community. I continue to be amazed and inspired by the passionate individuals that work for ZERO TO THREE and the high caliber of professionals. I enjoy motivating people to pool their knowledge, and often the results exceed my expectations. Teams can tackle challenges more quickly than what a single individual can accomplish. In my experience, successful teamwork depends on coordinated efforts among the staff, as well as solid communication skills.

3. How would your family describe you as a young child? How do those characteristics show up in you now?

Our dad tried to spend as much time with us as he could, despite running his own business. He would play games with us, go on hikes, and always listen to our endless questions. Our mom would read to us, take us on trips to parks, and make sure my two brothers and I always felt loved. She is to this day the kindest, most gentle, and perceptive person I know. She is also an amazingly talented cook and an avid reader.

I was an adventurous child and loved being outdoors. I did require some insightful supervision and had a knack for accessing items which were supposedly hidden away or placed out of reach. Although this would drive my parents crazy, I mostly remember having the freedom to make and learn from mistakes. This is one of the sentiments I try to extend to everyone I come in contact with in my adult life, and to practice patience and respectfulness.

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