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Over-Under Obstacle Course

Help children learn to use words like above, below, on, in, out, and around with a fun activity called Over, Under Obstacle Course.

Activity 6: Using words such as on top, under, over, in, out, around


Blanket, pillows, and an empty cardboard box or masking tape

Note: To create an indoor obstacle course, put a few pillows on the floor about 6 inches apart, lay a blanket across 2 chairs, put a few more pillows on the floor, and place an empty box on the floor (or create a square with masking tape) at the end of the course.

Try It Out:

  1. Ask your child to go through this obstacle course. Coach her through by saying, “Step on top of the pillows. Now go under the blanket. Now step over the pillows. Now jump in the box. Then jump out of the box. Now walk around the box.”
  2. Do this again and help your child use words such as on top, under, over, out, and around as he moves through the obstacle course.

Making the Most of this Activity:

  1. Try this activity outdoors (using tape or chalk)—children can step over sticks, jump in a pile of leaves, walk under a branch, and so on.
  2. Try rearranging the obstacle course to use different spatial words and to give your child new challenges.


Was your child able to follow your instructions to correctly complete the obstacle course? If not, remove some of the elements to make it a little simpler.

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