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Partner Resources: Coronavirus

We encourage you to use and share these resources as you support families impacted by the coronavirus.

The current coronavirus epidemic has made clearer than ever that we are all on the same team and are all working towards the same goal. To help parents, policymakers, and professionals, in their efforts on behalf of babies and toddlers, ZERO TO THREE has developed a suite of free resources for your use during this crisis. We invite you to share these resources with your own audiences through your various networks.

Contents include:


These are the latest ZERO TO THREE resources to support parents, policymakers, and professionals navigating the coronavirus pandemic.


Talking About the Coronavirus

Self-Care & Time at Home

Staying Connected

Best Professional Practices During a Crisis

We are also continuing to ask families to share their own stories of how coronavirus has impacted them, what additional resources would be helpful to them, and what they want policymakers to know about the services and supports they need right now. Interested families can share their stories here.

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Resource Page

From tips on talking to children about coronavirus to creative ideas for staying connected to loved ones, @ZEROTOTHREE’s resource page offers a plethora of information to assist families during this challenging time. https://go.zerotothree.org/coronavirus
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Five Tips to Make the Most of Video Chats

Spending more time on video chats with your little ones these days? Take your screen-time bonding to the next level with these 5 tips from @ZEROTOTHREE. https://go.zerotothree.org/videochats
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Parent Self-Care

It may seem counterintuitive, but especially in a time of crisis, taking good care of yourself is the first step to taking good care of your children. @ZEROROTHREE offers self-care tips for parents during the COVID-19 outbreak. https://go.zerotothree.org/selfcare
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Answering a Young Child’s Questions

Even if you’ve kept your toddler away from news about COVID-19 in the media or overhearing adult conversations, they are bound to have questions. @ZEROTOTHREE has outlined some age-appropriate responses. https://go.zerotothree.org/childquestions
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Parent Coronavirus Questions Answered

@ZEROTOTHREE parenting experts are answering real questions from parents amidst the coronavirus crisis. From concerns about child development to increased screen time, get expert advice. https://go.zerotothree.org/parentquestions
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At-Home Activity Guide

Although your family may be spending more time indoors than usual these days, @ZEROTOTHREE’s “At-Home Activity Guide” gives parents plenty of ideas for hours of entertainment.
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Staying Connected Through Separation

For many parents in public-facing jobs or self-isolation making the hard choice to keep physical distance from their children, @ZEROTOTHREE offers some ideas to keep the parent-child connection strong: https://go.zerotothree.org/stayingconnected
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Professional Resource Page

To assist early childhood professionals and the families they serve, @ZEROTOTHREE has compiled a list of professional resources, learning opportunities and virtual supports: https://go.zerotothree.org/professionalresources
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Submit Your Story

What would you like Congress and state policymakers to know about the impact of coronavirus on you and your family? Submit your experience to @ZEROTOTHREE as we advocate for change. https://www.zerotothree.org/coronavirusstories
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Call on Congress

Thanks to @ZEROTOTHREE, in just a few clicks, you can let your Members of Congress know it’s time to #ThinkBabies for the next stimulus bill. https://www.zerotothree.org/covidaction
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Woman looking at child on her lap: Zero to Three: Answering you Young Child's Question's about Coronovirus
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Toddlers playing with toys on floor: Zero To Three: Coronovirus Resources for Early childhood Professionals
Man carrying infant: Take Action : #ThinkBabiesAndAct: Zero To Three
Woman looking at toddler: Tips for Families: Coronovirus : Zero to three

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