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Respecting Babies: A Guide to Educaring for Parents and Professionals

A guide to building secure relationships with babies and toddlers, by Ruth Anne Hammond.

This unique guidebook provides theoretical and practical perspective for those who care for infants and toddlers, whether parent, medical professional, educator, or early interventionist. Easy-to-read and engaging, this summary of the Educaring® Approach introduced by Magda Gerber, founder of Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE), highlights the evolution and key elements of this integrated, multilayered approach and describes how to support babies and toddlers in becoming confident, joyful explorers and caring, connected people.

The second edition is updated to reflect the latest science and impacts of the digital age and is richly illustrated with stories and examples from the author’s vast experience.

Read How to Respect a Baby Through Positive Touch at Psychology Today.

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