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Colorado Enables Use of Telehealth in Part C Early Intervention

Mar 10, 2017

Colorado is experiencing increasing demand for Part C early intervention (EI) services at the same time it faces a shortage of personnel qualified to provide them.

To increase access to appropriate and timely services through Part C early intervention (EI) services, the state recently began allowing telehealth (provision of services via video-conferencing) for EI sessions statewide. A task force led development of policies and procedures to aid implementation, including a few changes to the state’s Part C rules, which now include telehealth as a service delivery method and require providers to complete training before billing for it. The task force engaged in a field-test of the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management’s training on telehealth (the Center later released three free online training courses) to prepare for a telehealth pilot in one county. Lessons learned from the training and the pilot informed development of four Colorado-specific training modules that discuss what telehealth is, required forms and billing procedures, guidance on how to plan and use telehealth, and videos of successful telehealth sessions. The task force also developed a checklist for programs, consent forms for families, and a brochure. Based on learnings from the pilot, Colorado is using the term “live video visits” to describe telehealth. Learn more by reading this article in the International Journal of Telerehabilitation.

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