Supporting Babies Through QRIS: Implementation Status and Tools in US States & Jurisdictions

Download Files Feb 18, 2015

This report provides a national scan of the operational status of U.S. states’ and jurisdictions’ QRIS, as well as links to their QRIS standards and tools.

This document presents a national review of states’ and jurisdictions’ Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) that have been implemented statewide, focusing on how these systems can include standards that explicitly address the needs of infants and toddlers. This publication is a “living document” because states’ and jurisdictions’ QRIS differ in terms of level of completion, and many are undergoing continuous revisions as a result of pre-or-post-implementation evaluation efforts.

The intended audience for this document includes professionals involved in the development, administration, and implementation of QRIS who would like to learn more about QRIS standards and supports in other states and how they can be created or modified to purposefully support infants and toddlers.

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