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Advancing State Policies for Infants and Toddlers: Lessons Learned From Three States

Download Files Jul 7, 2017

This brief describes the experiences of three states (Indiana, Oregon, and Vermont) that participated in a technical assistance project with ZERO TO THREE to develop and take action toward cross-sector infant-toddler policy priorities.

Although the specific priorities that Indiana, Oregon, and Vermont pursued to improve outcomes for infants and toddlers were unique to their own contexts, their experiences illustrate some shared drivers of success:

  • Engage stakeholders representing a range of programs serving young children;
  • Build consensus on infant-toddler policy priorities;
  • Elevate infant-toddler issues with policymakers and the public; and
  • Establish systems to sustain focus on infants and toddlers over time.

This brief outlines how use of these strategies enabled Indiana, Oregon, and Vermont to elevate infant-toddler issues within broader early childhood initiatives, strengthen collaboration across systems, expand the base of stakeholders championing infant-toddler priorities, and develop a more unified voice for babies. It also offers recommendations for other states looking to engage in similar processes.

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