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The Grandparent Guide: What's New? What's the Same?

Download Files En español Sep 7, 2017

If you're a grandparent providing care for your preschool grandchildren, you may find you’re more patient and relaxed with your grandchildren than you were the first time around. You may also wonder if you’re up on the latest child care strategies. Here’s a guide to what’s new and what has stayed the same when it comes to caring for babies and toddlers.

What’s New? What’s the Same?

The latest thinking on everything from spanking to unconditional love, summarized in just three pages. Download this handout.

Making the Most of Everyday Moments

Being a grandparent allows you to rediscover the world through your grandchild’s eyes. Here’s how. Download this handout.

Limit-Setting for Little Ones

Experts say spanking should never be the answer to your discipline questions. Here’s why, and what you can do instead. Download this handout.

Safe Sleep, Sweet Dreams

Place baby on his back to sleep in a crib without blankets, toys, or anything but him. Download this handout.

Making the Most of Mealtimes

If mealtimes were a battleground during your son’s or daughter’s childhood, here’s good news. Download this handout.

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