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Behavior Wheels: Resources to Help Parents and Caregivers

Empower the parents and caregivers in your programs with these indispensable and easy-to-use resources.

ZERO TO THREE knows that professionals in the field need practical resources that encourage and support struggling parents.

NEW! Biting Wheel

Behavior Has Meaning Wheel

These easy-to-use wheels have been helping parents and child care providers learn to manage challenging behavior effectively for more than a decade. Some of these behaviors include:

  • Biting
  • Tantrums
  • Inconsolable Crying
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Social Withdrawal

This bestselling ZERO TO THREE exclusive comes in packages of 10 bilingual (English and Spanish) wheels, designed for professionals to share with parents and caregivers.

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Biting: Before, After, and Preventing "Next Time" Wheel


Biting is one of the most common—and most upsetting— toddler behaviors. Understand how to respond to the child who bit and the child who was bitten. Importantly, learn how to prevent biting in the future with our new behavior wheel:

  • Why toddlers bite
  • What happened before the bite
  • What happened after the bite
  • How to create a prevention plan
  • How to respond to a bite in the moment

This new resource wheel comes in sets of 10 and are double-sided for both English and Spanish.

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