Volume 41 Supplement

ZERO TO THREE Journal | Vol 41 Supplement

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Table of Contents

September 24, 2020—PERSPECTIVES—Supporting Young Children, Families, and Caregivers Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic — Joy D. Osofsky

October 30, 2020—PERSPECTIVES—Defunding Mindfulness: While We Sit on Our Cushions, Systemic Racism Runs Rampant — Michael Yellow Bird, et al

October 30, 2020—Discussing Death With Young Children — Teresa Olin and Amanda Wilcox-Herzog

November 5, 2020—Awareness of ACEs: A Louisiana Snapshot—Successes, Challenges, Lessons Learned, and Next Steps — Paula D. Zeanah, Jeanne Cartier, Steven J. Dick, Amy Dickson, Caitlin LaVine, Julie Larrieu, Joy D. Osofsky, and Charles H. Zeanah

December 15, 2020—Using Reflective Practice to Promote Interconnectedness in Safe Babies Court Team Systems — Kimberly Renk, Giovanni Billings, Angie Hilken, Stacey Leakey, and Mindy Kronenberg

January 27, 2021—Perspectives: New Directions in Kindergarten Readiness — Jane Bernzweig, Christina Branom, and Jane Wellenkamp

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