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The Growth of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Supports in Georgia

Download Files Jun 13, 2022

The science is clear: our brains develop more rapidly in the first three years than at any later point in life.

Recognizing the critical opportunity of this period and supported by ZERO TO THREE Think Babies, Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready Students (GEEARS) formed the Georgia Infant-Toddler Coalition in 2018, bringing together cross-sector private and public partners to advance policies and programs benefiting infants, toddlers and their families. The Coalition formed two committees: Child Care Affordability and Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health.

This brief focuses on the advances made in GA’s IECMH system by the IECMH subcommittee and are a success story of commitment and collaboration across advocates, legislative champions, and state agency staff. Because of these partnerships, Georgia’s young children and their families will have better access to necessary mental health services. The emphasis on educating the entire child-serving workforce will ensure an easy to navigate system of care for families across the state.