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Closing the Opportunity Gap for Babies and Families: ZERO TO THREE’s Road Map to Reach America’s Potential

Download Files Mar 24, 2016

A policy agenda for the Administration and the 114th Congress.

All of society has a stake in whether babies get off to a good start. Today’s infants and toddlers will be the core of the mid-century workforce, one that will need to be highly skilled to compete globally and secure our economic future. When babies and their families have the supports they need, we create future innovators, thinkers, and stronger communities. But when we don’t provide those supports, we all feel the consequences. Our shared vision of a prosperous future will be realized only if it includes a robust quality of life for babies today. Major investments should start where learning starts—at birth.

Closing the Opportunity Gap for Babies and Families provides a comprehensive road map for the Administration and Congress to ensure families are supported in giving all babies the same chance to thrive and succeed. Because when babies succeed, we create stronger families, productive communities, and a healthy workforce and economy.

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