Developing School Readiness Skills from 24 to 36 Months

Learn how children develop early learning skills from 24 to 36 months, including their Language & Literacy Skills, Thinking Skills, Self-Control and Self Confidence.

So much is happening as your child begins her third year! She may be participating in a preschool or child care program and building a relationship with her teacher or caregiver. She is probably making new friends. She is also showing you how capable and independent she is by doing lots of things for herself, like learning to put a jacket on or help with tasks like setting the table.

Reading together is one important way you can help your toddler make the transition from baby to big kid. Language development also soars at this age, as children are using words to express their thoughts and feelings. In the third year, you will continue to see a big jump in your child’s thinking skills. She will start to appreciate humor and jokes. She will show her creativity and her problem-solving skills as she plays and interacts with you. And, while tantrums may not disappear entirely, your toddler is also developing more self-control and coping skills as she grows.

Remember: If your child is interested and involved in an activity—and having fun—she is learning! So treasure these days of playing, exploring, and cuddling with your little one—it is exactly what she needs to grow and learn.

The Skill Areas

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