Preschool Development Grant Birth-Five (PDG B-5)

The Preschool Development Grant Birth-Five offers states a new opportunity to support babies and toddlers. ZERO TO THREE developed a series of resources to support states in including an intentional focus on infants and toddlers in their grants.

Andrey Kuzmin / Shutterstock

The new version of the Preschool Development Grant program, PDG B-5 for the first time allows states to include infants and toddlers. PDG B-5 offers states an opportunity to strengthen coordination of existing early childhood care and education (ECCE) services and funding streams to provide equal access to more children birth through age five. We know from science that brains are built from the bottom up. The early experiences of young children will shape the architecture of their brains in enduring ways and build the foundation – whether strong or weak – for their future development. For this reason, ZERO TO THREE strongly urges states to include an intentional focus on infants and toddlers in their PDG B-5 strategic plans.

The following resources could be helpful to states as they conduct their needs assessments and develop strategic plans: