CuddleBright Experience™

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Created by the Simms/Mann Institute, CuddleBright Experience™ integrates years of child development theory, clinical practice, and the latest neuroscience research to help parents gain knowledge and confidence while creating a loving connection with their child—healthy bonds build healthy brains. CuddleBright offers a way to connect, comfort, and calm both parent and child during times of separation and transition.

Product Features

Emphasizing the emotional experience of infants and toddlers, CuddleBright includes four components that work together:

  • A cuddly lovie for the child that can be used as a transitional object to comfort and calm;
  • A Cuddle Before I Go, an illustrated board book about saying hello and goodbye that promotes positive separations and reunions;
  • A parenting guide with practical tips from experts on topics related to social and emotional development, such as attachment, communication and self-regulation;
  • And a keepsake heart, which is a transitional object for parents, to help parents feel close to their child during time spent apart. Used together, these items create a shared emotional experience to foster loving, predictable rituals and routines that help build secure attachments.

Various Use Settings

CuddleBright is a dynamic tool that can amplify your efforts to support parent-child relationship. CuddleBright can be used in a variety of settings:

  • Early Childhood Education Classrooms
  • Parent & Me Classes
  • Hospital Settings
  • Home Visiting Programs
  • Early Head Start
  • And More!
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