Lessons From Toilet School

A Family-Centered Approach to Toilet Training

by Ann Coleman Stadtler, DNP, RN, CPNP and Claudia Quigg, MEd

While many toilet training books are narrowly prescriptive, Lessons from Toilet School provides support to families seeking to better understand the developmental processes of toilet training.

Each family’s experience is unique and each child’s experience is unique. As professionals collaborating with young families, authors Ann and Claudia have walked with thousands of parents on the journey of toilet training their children. They have listened to a variety of methods, celebrated a myriad of success stories, and marveled over how each family makes this transition in a way that is uniquely their own.

Every parent raising a young child eventually asks: is my child ready for toilet training? This unique guide helps families address this question by looking for signs of readiness in your child while also exploring the bigger picture of your family’s experience. How will toilet training your child fit into the life of your busy family and impact relationships? What special considerations will you need to make for your own unique child? Overall, how can you create a plan that makes sense for your child and your family?

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