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It's no longer just a job. It's taking care of somebody's heart.
For queer people, it is just a matter of being given the opportunity to exist in spaces we occupy daily, for example, schools. Early childhood educators have the opportunity to start that welcoming journey for those children and their families.
My vision is a child welfare system that's a support system and not a reporting system.
Infant and Early Childhood Mental HealthRacial Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
Hope and Accountability in IECMH
Investing in early childhood has the potential to improve generations to come in ways that we will not be able to see in our own lifetimes – and the investment is worth the hard work.
Child Welfare
Altering the Course
I thought if I went to a treatment center I would lose my kid. If we can find parents help before they enter the child welfare system, it's going to help in the long-run.
Infant and Early Childhood Mental HealthPhysical Health & NutritionRacial Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
Turning Tragedy Into Opportunity
Perinatal wellness is essential as it is much more difficult to care for yourself and another tiny, growing human if physical, systemic, and/or social barriers interfere with one’s journey.
Racial Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
Honoring Black Fatherhood
I have observed the Black men in my family debunk these myths about Black fatherhood.
Early DevelopmentPhysical Health & Nutrition
USA Today Article Shows How Pandemic Babies Have Fallen Behind 
In a major new article published by USA Today exploring how the pandemic has impacted the growth and learning of babies and toddlers, ZERO TO THREE and HealthySteps experts explain what can be done to help our children and their families.
Early Development
Humble Strength
The thing about social work that is so vital is you come from very different disciplines and practices and yet you blend them all around the beauty of people working together.
Early Development
An Angel in the Nursery
Justice for children and families is the communal face of love. 

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