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Reflecting on 2 Years of Pandemic Stress and Adaptation


Volume 42 No 3

March 2022 marks the start of the third year of living with and working through the COVID-19 pandemic. When asked to describe how they are feeling at this juncture, many people describe being “weary,” “burned-out,” and “over it.” The term “pandemic fatigue” proliferates across the media and seems to encapsulate a collective sense of exhaustion, frayed nerves, and a desperate desire for the pandemic to end. These feelings may be magnified in professionals working in helping fields, who experience the pandemic on dual levels: both in their personal lives and circumstances, and again through the lives and experiences of those whom they serve.

Table of Contents

Pg 5-Warm Connections: Addressing Mental Health Risk Factors for Postpartum Caregivers by Increasing Social Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Ashley Sward, Jennifer King, Kelly Glaze, Susanne Klawetter, and Karen A. Frankel

Pg 11-Vaccine Hesitancy and Trauma-Informed Care: Developing a Sensitive Organizational Response
Gina DelJones, Hannah Pomales, Erica Y. Rodriguez, Alicia Mendez, Emily Bosk, and Michael J. MacKenzie

Pg 19-PERSPECTIVES: Emerging Research Listening to Parent Voices: How Technology Is Changing What Is Possible in Relationship-Based Services
Elizabeth Myung Sook Krause and Beth L. Green

Pg 24- Pivoting During a Pandemic: Innovative Strategies for Supporting Young Children in Primary Care
Melissa Buchholz, Kelly Glaze, Catherine Wolcott, and Ayelet Talmi

Pg 31-PERSPECTIVES: Reflections From the Field Beware the Ides of March: How the Pandemic Changed the Way Home-Based Child Care Providers Do Business
Eileen Manoukian

Pg 37-Social Skill Development of Young Children Amid the Pandemic
Alyssa S. Meuwissen

Pg 44-Working With Families During COVID-19: Identifying Challenges, Finding Resources, and Adapting Family Engagement Coaching
Katie Kao, John Hornstein, Mindy Rosengarten, Portia Kennel, Mindy Zapata, and Catherine Ayoub

Pg 53-COVID-19–Related Stressors in Parents and Toddlers: Changes in Mothers’ Perceptions Over Time
Kristyn Wong, Jessica L. Riggs, Megan M. Julian, Alissa C. Huth-Bocks, Maria Muzik, Katherine L. Rosenblum, and Michigan Collaborative for Infant Mental Health Research

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