Holding the Parent to Hold the Child

I feel stronger as a parent with HealthySteps.

HealthySteps Specialists build strong relationships with families and providers so that communities can ensure all babies have a strong start during this critically important time in their life.

HealthySteps achieves improved outcomes for young children and families by bringing together the expertise of a child development expert, the HealthySteps Specialist, and the pediatric primary care provider.

Together, these experts bring focus to the important interwoven skills needed for families to foster healthy child development and life-long well-being: social-emotional development; language and literacy skills; cognition skills; and perceptual, motor, and physical development.

Brittany Anderson, HealthySteps parent, and Janelle Bercun, HealthySteps Specialist, reflect on building a relationship with one another to help provide the child with a strong foundation and a lifetime of healthy development.

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