Paying It Forward

I believe the biggest challenge in the early learning community is focusing on emotional support for parents.

After Fatimah’s daughter, Emerald Vanessa, was born, “My nurse also became my daughter’s nurse. She came weekly with lots of information about what to expect, what milestones should occur,” Fatimah recalled. “She brought educational books, gift cards to grocery stores, interactive toys. The weekly height and weight checks were wonderful. She provided so much, not the least of which was an enormous amount of love.”

The most helpful service Fatimah said she received was emotional support. As a single mom working in early childhood education, she pretty much knew how to teach and tend to her baby. Yet, she said, “I had no preparation for the pressures I faced as a single mom.”

Once Emerald Vanessa aged out of the program, Fatimah, who had returned to work, decided to stay involved with NFP and joined a parent leaders’ group created for parents who have graduated from the program. They meet regularly, along with other parent participants, and are currently brainstorming ways to develop a mommy group for all NFP graduates.

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