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Pyae Phyo Aung

Child Development Specialist, Ministry of Health, The Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Pyae Phyo Aung is  a Child Development Specialist at Ministry of Health, The Republic of the Union of Myanmar.  He also works as a specialist assistant at pediatric neurology unit of the children’s hospital, Mandalay.

Dr. Aung holds a M.B, B.S and Dip.Med.Sc (Pediatrics) from the University of Medicine, Mandalay and M.A. in Child Development from the University of Haifa, Israel with the excellence award for the research project proposal on adolescent depression linked to parenting. He is leading an early intervention team of child development clinic with the aim of holistic developmental services for the children with special needs. In 2022 SRCD Presidential Special Topics Meeting, he presented a 2-minute video talk as a part of the presentation of Professor Abraham (Avi) Sagi-Schwartz, “New Child Development Ambassadors in Under-Resourced Areas of the World: Beyond Disciplinary and International Boundaries.”

As a Myanmar representative, Dr. Aung is  participating in the regional collaborative guideline development, initiated by the Rajanagarindra Child Development Foundation, Chiang Mai, Thailand, for mental health promotion and intervention for the children. At the 2021 RCPCH Conference Singapore, he presented an ePoster about promoting early intervention by Myanmar Pediatric Neurology and was involved as a co-author in an abstract publication about the children with Down syndrome. Dr. Aung is also an experienced research assistant in two NIH-funded research projects related to the HIV infection for two and half years.

After a decade of work, Dr. Aung has a variety of skills in basic pediatric practice, a team leader role in the community-based child health of public health programs at the implementation level in the suburban communities with diverse ethnic population and a supportive role in the services of Myanmar Pediatric Neurology.