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Roop Zainab Rana

CEO, The Healing Triad

Roop Zainab Rana is CEO of The Healing Triad, Pakistan, an organization dedicated to the promotion of mental health and management of mental illness in Pakistan. She is a medical doctor, a psychotherapist and a consultant psychiatrist.

Dr. Rana is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and has a postgraduate diploma in child and adolescent mental health. She has done her psychiatry and psychotherapy training in both Asia and Europe. She pioneered the Learning for All program with the largest public school systems in Pakistan to make learning more inclusive in classrooms across the country. Dr. Rana has also run emotional literacy, anti-smoking campaigns and childhood trauma and treatment awareness program for both schoolchildren and parents.

Her interest in early childhood development became personal when her own daughter was born and is passionate advocate for parent education and healthy child-rearing practices. Dr. Raba is the author of two textbooks on Behavioural Sciences and Forensic Mental Health. She is now working with pediatricians and obstetrics services to create accessible parent education services in Pakistan.

Dr. Rana is a full-time toddler tata (mama), psychiatrist and trauma therapist and infant mental health advocate.