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Poster Presentations are a vibrant showcase of the latest insights and research in the early childhood field. Designed for and by professionals, posters offer a unique opportunity to dive deep into the nuances of emerging concepts, stories from the field, implementation models and lessons learned.

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PST-1: Convergent Validity of a New Developmental Monitoring Tool: Video Monitoring Early Child Development (VMECD) 

Presenters: Grace Hartmann Drylewski, MA & Cordelia Baum, MA, The New School for Social Research 


PST-2: HealthySteps Implementation on a Mobile Van in Washington, D.C. 

Presenters: Joanne Odom, MD, MPH, & Alexis Kelley, Medstar Georgetown University Hospital Division of Community Pediatrics 


PST-3: Increasing Early Childhood Developmental Services in Community Health Centers: A Snapshot of Challenges and Opportunities 

Presenters: Kendall A McElroy, MPH & Kaitlin L Brunick, PhD, Early Childhood Developmental Health Systems: Evidence to Impact Center, ZERO TO THREE 


PST-4: Lessons Learned from the Co-Location of Early Intervention and HealthySteps at Boston Childrens’ Hospital 

Presenters: Melanie Griffin, MS, Gabriela Tew, LCSW, and Yesenia Pineda, BADS, Boston Children’s Hospital Primary Care 


PST-5: Structured Data in EHR to Enhance Clinical Care and Data-Driven Population Health Model During Implementation of HealthySteps Model 

Presenters: Joanne Odom LICSW, Karen Ganacias, MD, and Alexis Kelley LICsW, MedStar Georgetown University H 

PST-6: “Bad Guy Machines” and “Shooters”: The Importance of Holding Space for Children to Explore Difficult Concepts — Even the Scary Ones 

Presenter: Abigail R. Cook-Gonzalez, Friends Academy 


PST-7: Birth Order and Parent vs. Clinician Reported Measures for Children on the Autism Spectrum 

Presenter: Christina Toolan, PhD 


PST-8: Breaking Barriers to Equitable Beginnings: Innovating Solutions for Social Emotional Care for Children — and the Communities That Educate Them 

Presenter: Allyx Schiavone, Friends Center for Children 


PST-9: Does Artificial Intelligence Help Us or Hurt Us?  Putting Child Development Questions to AI 

Presenter: Ginger Welch, PhD, Oklahoma State 


PST-10: Floorplay: A Child’s Primary Occupation 

Presenter: Sydney Stokes 


PST-11: Glow, Baby, Glow! Fostering Childrens Academic and Artistic Expression Through Light and Shadow Play 

Presenter: Nicholl Antonia Cruz, University of Denver Fisher Early Learning Center 


PST-12: How Music Supports Brain Development 

Presenter: Katia Solorzano 


PST-13: How to Raise a Kind and Compassionate Individual 

Presenter: Samantha Richardson 


PST-14: Improving Engagement with the Early Intervention System 

Presenter: Sylvan Ryder, DNP, CPNP, Columbia University 


PST-15: The Circle of Learning 

Presenters: Patrick Flippin-Weston, BA Sharlene Gozalians, DrPH, MPH, CHES, and Terrie-May Ruiz, BS, Los Angeles Best Babies Network 

PST-16: Bridging Separation: Integrating Child-Parent Psychotherapy and Empathy Books as a Pre-Reunification Strategy for Families Facing Parent-Child Separation 

Presenters: Ashlee Reid, PhD, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles & Marian E Williams, PhD, University of Southern California 


PST-17: Healthy Foundations 

Presenters: Chloe Smith, MPH & Angie Vega, Healthy and Ready to Learn 


PST-18: Implementing Routine Mental Health Screening for Caregivers in a High-Risk Infant Follow-up Program 

Presenter: Sylvan Ryder, DNP, CPNP, Columbia University 


PST-19: Parental Insights: Exploring Perceptions of Parenting as Mediators Between Young Children’s Behavior Problems and Parenting Stress 

Presenters: Rachel Ahrenholtz, BS, Kristina Schoenthaler, BS, and Kimberly Renk, PhD, IMH-E®, University of Central Florida 


PST-20: Partnering with Families for Early Special Education Success: EASE Clinic Model 

Presenters: Ivys Fernández-Pastrana, JD, Soukaina Adolphe, MD, Hilana Scott, MSN, RN, CPNP-PC, CLC, Boston Medical Center 


PST-21: Partnering With Parents: Designing and Implementing a Two-Generational Approach to Preschool Readiness 

Presenters: Nerissa Broughton, Tryshna Malonzo & Joyce Latu-Fahamokioa, The Primary School 


PST-22: Reducing Parent Stress while Intervening with Neurodivergent Kids: DIR/Floortime 

Presenters: Rebecca Wynsma, PhD & Tamara Matic, PhD, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles 


PST-23: The Power of Early Childhood in Public Health and Poverty Reduction 

Presenters: Diana Soifer, MPH & Oksana Lusupova 

PST-24: A Pilot Study of an Interprofessional Program Supporting Positive Child-Caregiver Interactions Targeting Families With Young Children Born During COVID-19 

Presenters: Kayla Murphy, MS, MA, LMHC, LPC, Keri Giordano, PsyD, and Jessica P. Trindade, PsyD, Kean University 


PST-25: Community Core: How We Educate and Advocate for Families with Children Zero to Three 

Presenters: Karimah Williams-Layne, BS, Katherine Sierra, BA, and Toneysha Isaacs, BS, Children’s National: Community Core 


PST-26: Early Results in Looping Continuity of Care Pilot Classroom Implementation 

Presenter: Katharine Pettit, The Acorn School at Vanderbilt University 


PST-27: Enhancing Reflective Practice Skills and Applications 

Presenters: Carrie L. Gottschalk, MS, LIMHP, CPC, University of Nebraska – Extension, Kari Price, MS, University of Nebraska Medical Center, and Lynne Cook, MS, Nebraska Department of Education 


PST-28: Examining Implementation and Sustainability of Centering Parenting — Perspectives from the GROWBABY Practice Based Research Network 

Presenters: Clare Viglione, MPH RD, Boston University/Boston Medical Center and Hassan Lubega, BS, & Renee Boynton-Jarrett, MD ScD, Vital Village Networks, Department of Pediatrics, Boston Medical Center  


PST-29: Exploring a Young Child’s Unique World: Using DIRFloortime Principles to Guide Mental Health Occupational Therapy Interventions 

Presenters: Jesslyn Ponce, OTR/L & Christine Turnbull, OTD, OTR/L, BCP, USC CHLA UCEDD 


PST-30: Facilitating Authentic Inter-Professional Collaboration: A Pediatric Mental Health Case 

Presenter: Jenna Kobara, OTD, OTR/L, SWC 


PST-31: How to Provide Emotional Availability (EA) Briefings to Caregivers 

Presenter: Zeynep Biringen 


PST-32: IECMHC for Therapists to Improve Practice and Provider Well-Being 

Presenter: Deborah O’Connor, LCSW, Children’s Wisconsin 


PST-33: Improving Infant Mental Health Home Visiting Training Curriculum to Strengthen Cultural Responsiveness and Equitable Service Delivery: A Quality Improvement Project 

Presenters: Chioma Torres, MD, Michigan State University; Vivian L. Tamkin, PhD, Santa Clara University, Department of Counseling Psychology, and Helenia Quince, LCSW, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Sandra Rosenbaum School of Social Work 


PST-34: Parenting Support During the Early Years for the Most Vulnerable Families: Workforce Adequacy? 

Presenters: Patricia Alexander Brady, PhD, Independent Contractor & Arnell A. Brady, Brady Speech and Language 


PST-35: Protective Factors for Families and Educators: A Healing-Centered Approach 

Presenters: Pam Oatis, MD & Shelley Macy, Northwest Indian College Hand in Hand Parenting 


PST-36: The Benefits of Family Childcare in Early Education 

Presenter: Temesha Ragan MEd, Center for Prenatal and Perinatal Programs 

PST-37: Exploring Sensory and Mental Health Needs for Young Children with Cardiac Conditions 

Presenters: Sarah Anais Mejia, PhD, Phoenix Children’s & Caroline Hardin, OTD, OTR/L, USC UCEDD at CHLA 


PST-38: Parents of Young Children Report Increased Anxiety and Fears Associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Presenter: EveLyn M. Wedge, Ph.D., LPC, IMH-E®, The Early Years Matter 


PST-39: Saying Goodbye is Hard: A Trauma-Informed Family Perspective to DIR Floortime Therapy 

Presenters: Samira Amirazizi, MEd, Ashlee Reid, PhD, and Hannah Perez, PsyD, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles 


PST-40: The California Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Screening Roll-out: A Mixed Methods Study of Implementing ACEs Screening Practices in Primary Care 

Presenters: Clare Viglione, MPH RD, Boston University / Boston Medical Center, Eric Hekler, PhD, Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health University of California San Diego,and Blanca Melendrez, MA, Center for Community Health, Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute, University of California San Diego 


PST-41: Utilizing Nurse Practitioners as Leaders in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Work 

Presenters: Sylvan Rider, DNP, CPNP, Columbia University and Leah Sanchez, MSN, FNP 

PST-42: Working with Young Children who Lost their Parents/Caregivers to COVID-Related Deaths: A Literature Review 

Presenter: Rozlyn W. Kwong, LMFT, IFEC MHS, RPF II, Sycamores / PhD Candidate at Capella University 

  University Health Care 


PST-43: Can You See it? We Can: Exploring Reflective Functioning from an African American/Black Maternal Lived Experience 

Presenters: Vivian L. Tamkin, PhD; Helenia Quince, LCSW, University of Wisconsin Madison; and Chioma Torres, MD, Michigan State University 


PST-44: Reimagining Intervention to Support Early Childhood: Culturally Sustaining Practices in Early Intervention 

Presenters: Sarah Wiegand, PhD, Monique Matute-Chavarria, PhD, and Anita Hernandez, PhD, New Mexico State University 


PST-45: Where Are We Now? Where Are We Going: Advancing Intersectionality in Infant Mental Health Literature: A Scoping Review 

Presenters: Helenia M. Quince, LCSW, University of Wisconsin Madison, Vivian Tamkin, PhD, LP, Santa Clara University, and Chioma Torres, MD, Michigan State

PST-46: Advancing Equity in Home-Visiting: Implementation and Recommendations of the Best Practices Hiring and Retention Guide for Increasing African American Staff 

Presenters: Anna Ghukasyan, Laurel Murray, and Lynnette Marquez, LA Best Babies Network 


PST-47: Building an Infant and Early Childhood Center of Excellence 

Presenters: Jeanie S. DeLa, MS, LMHC & Jennifer Elsholz, The 


PST-48: Empowering Leaders: The Role of Technical Assistance in Family Support Program Success 

Presenters: Kathryn Ewing Hodges, BA, CPD & Jennifer Jimenez, LA Best Babies Network 


PST-49: Meeting the Needs of Home Visitors in a Post-COVID Era 

Presenter: Leah Sanchez, NP, Alameda County Department of Public Health 

PST-50: Action Research: Contextualized Professional Development for Home-Based Infant/Toddler Carer-Educators 

Presenter: Danielle McLellan-Bujnak, MSc, EMT, NCS, Portland State University 


PST-51: Effectively Using a Practicum to Help Pre-Service Early Childhood Teachers Construct their Knowledge of Infant & Toddler Growth and Development 

Presenter: Dawnita S. Gallo, PhD, Minnesota State University Moorhead 


PST-52: Long Beach Home Visitation Collaborative 

Presenters: Lynnette Bello & Laura Moller-Leon, Memorial Care Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach 


PST-53: Safe Kids Thrive: Moving Child Sexual Abuse Prevention from Awareness to Action at Youth Serving Organizations 

Presenters: Tammy Bernardi, MA & Delbar Mamedzade, MPH, Children’s Trust of Massachusetts 


PST-54: What Supervisors Are Saying — And Not Saying — About Culture, Privilege, and Equity in Supervision 

Presenters: Myisha Driver-Woods, PhD, Barbara Stroud, PhD, and Torrian Brent, PhD 

PST-55: Data Visualization as a Tool to Identify Racial Inequities, Drive CQI, and Bolster Stakeholder Collaboration 

Presenters: Monica Charles, MPH & Delisa Young, MA, Los Angeles Best Babies Network (LABBN) 


PST-56: Elevating Provider Voices in Early Childhood Consultation Models to Include Children with Challenging Behavior and Disabilities 

Presenters: Amy Bender, MA, IMH-E & Laura Kneedler, MEd, Northwest Center 


PST-57: Executive Function Interventions: Programmatic Approach 

Presenter: Keisha Escoffery QS, LMHC, CTRS, Metropolitan Ministries 


PST-58: From Powerless to Powerful: Moving Early Childhood Providers Through Policy and System Change 

Presenters: Kristi Givens & Rochelle Wilcox, For Providers By Providers 


PST-59: Hospital-Wide Primary Prevention Model for Infant Mental Health Universal Screening and Intervention 

Presenters: Tiffany Thao Vo, PsyD & Savannah K Sweet, PhD, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Marian E. Williams, PhD, University of Southern California 


PST-60: Improving Support Services by Sharing Results from a Multidisciplinary Collaborated Client Satisfaction Survey 

Presenter: Helen Chan 


PST-61: Leveraging Collective Impact and Outcomes Financing to Drive Early Childhood and Maternal Health 

Presenters: Kaitlin Watts & Tamidra Wilkins, Spartanburg Academic Movement 


PST-62: QRIS: Coordination and Collaboration to Support the ECE Workforce 

Presenter: Tonya Wright Satchell, EdD, Johns Hopkins School of Education 


PST-63: The Important Role of Data/IT Professionals in Collaborating With Multiple Stakeholders to Inform Better Outcomes for Families 

Presenters: Osvaldo Lopez & Jonathan Jimenez, Los Angeles Best Babies Network (LABBN) 

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