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California To Bring New Health Services to Families

woman showing booklet to child

California’s Medicaid program will be one of the first in the country to cover preventative services that treat kids and their parents together.

The early childhood nonprofit Zero to Three manages 200 HealthySteps sites nationwide. Research shows that participating kids receive more preventive and developmental services and are more likely to get vaccines on schedule, among other benefits.

Lopez initially connected Humphrey to a parenting class and a clinic that took Medi-Cal and offered therapy for parents and young kids. Humphrey said it’s improved the relationship between her sons and helped Boden get back on track developmentally.

It “made me feel like I have an ally, a liaison to help me find answers that I can’t find myself,” Humphrey said.

Read the full article, California is reshaping Medicaid to bring new health services to families.


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