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Caregiver-Parent Communication Tools

This worksheet helps caregivers and parents begin communicating about the child, the parent’s hopes and expectations, and development goals and milestones.

Take a few moments to complete the questions below with each of the families you work with. Both you and the parent(s) complete Parts 1 and 2 separately and then share your responses in Part 3. Use these questions to talk with each parent about the child’s strengths and needs and the parent’s hopes and expectations for the future. Information like this helps you to support the healthy development of the children in your care.

How Your Child Is Learning and Growing From Birth To 3

PART ONE: Tuning In to the caregiver’s perspective

For the caregiver to complete

If I had to describe your child in 10 words, they would include:

What I like most about your child is:

What I find most challenging about caring for your child is:


The activity I most enjoy with your child is:


Three hopes I have for your child while he/she is in my care:

PART TWO: Tuning in to the child

For parents to complete

My child is happiest when:

The kinds of play and learning activities my child enjoys most are:

What upsets my child most is:

I think this is because:

To comfort my child, I:

PART THREE: Using what you know to decide how best to support the child

For parents and caregivers to complete together

I think the child’s greatest strengths are:

I think the child needs help with:

What are our goals for the child now? And over the next 3 months?

What kinds of experiences can we give the child to help him/her reach these goals?

How can we work together to best support the child?



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