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Compassionate Response

A free training experience designed for agencies partnering with First Responders

First Responders often interact with families during some of their most stressful or frightening moments. Children are frequently present during these calls, in their homes or the community, whether they involve firefighters, EMTs, or police. What children see and experience on scene can have lasting impacts on their social-emotional health and well-being.

The Compassionate Response training is a free, off-the-shelf training experience designed for agencies partnering with First Responders to provide the following:

  • Information on how young children are impacted by trauma
  • Strategies on scene to mitigate traumatic impacts on young children
  • Strategies to promote First Responders’ own mental health and well-being

Using Compassionate Response as part of a cross-agency, community-based effort can help build service approaches that guard the safety of First Responders and help young children and their families thrive.

For guidance on delivering the training, background reading, and suggestions for organizing the content, download the Compassionate Response Facilitator’s Guide.

To lead the training within your community, download the Compassionate Response Slide Presentation.

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