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Resources for Family Child Care Providers

Graphic: The ZERO TO THREE Learning Center

We’re committed to helping you grow as an early childhood educator. The following cost-effective and convenient tools and resources are designed to help you develop the skills and knowledge you need as you strive to ensure the infants and toddlers in your care reach their full potential.

The ZERO TO THREE Learning Center


Explore, enroll, learn, record.

The ZERO TO THREE Learning Center offers the convenience of a mobile-friendly system that gives you the power of professional development in the palm of your hand.

With online learning options ranging from multi-day courses to one-hour webinars, and topics ranging from STEM to brain development to early childhood and infant mental health, the ZERO TO THREE Learning Center is here to help you grow at your own pace!


It’s Never Too Early for STEM



Supporting Early Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Skills with Infants, Toddlers, and their Families

The early childhood field is beginning to recognize the value of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) activities for infants and toddlers. Building the foundation for these skills early helps children succeed in school and in life.

This innovative online course offers educators and caregivers an opportunity to learn more about STEM concepts and skills used in early childhood settings, and to discuss and practice strategies to engage and excite children’s thinking about science, technology, engineering and math.


Knowledge and Know-How

Disponible en Español!


Woman and Infant

Nurturing and sustaining effective partnerships with families are crucial to promote young children’s optimal health and well-being.

This eight-lesson online course provides educators with the core foundational knowledge required to work effectively with parents and their very young children, and provides educators with meaningful tools and promising strategies to respond effectively to their complex needs.

Available for individuals or groups; includes .8 CEUs.


Critical Connections Parent Leaflets


Various ZERO TO THREE Brochures

You are familiar with the world that babies and toddlers experience—the words, sounds, gestures, and emotions they express moment-to-moment, but it can be difficult to explain these to parents.

Grounded in ZERO TO THREE’s Critical Competencies for Infant-Toddler Educators™, Critical Connections Parent Leaflets are designed for infant-toddler educators and other professionals to use as a parent engagement tool. Each leaflet corresponds to a Critical Competencies sub-area and is focused on parenting behaviors and interactions and their positive impact on early development.


ZERO TO THREE Critical Competencies for Infant-Toddler Educators™ Online Courses


Child playing under parachute

Photo: Kiwi Street Studios

Practice-based online courses for infant-toddler educators and the professionals who support them

The research is clear—the most important element of an infant-toddler program is YOU, the educator who interacts with babies and toddlers throughout each day. Babies thrive when they are cared for and guided by educators who know how to provide the positive, nurturing experiences that enhance their development.

ZERO TO THREE’s Critical Competencies for Infant-Toddler Educators™ Online Courses are convenient and cost effective, offering infant-toddler professionals a rich learning experience focused on practical, effective ways to support children’s development in the busy daily life of an infant-toddler program.


ZERO TO THREE Membership


Grtaphic of crowd of people making a shape of an ault and child about to embrace

Connect to Community. Connect to Education.
Connect to Resources.

Whether you are new to the field or have many years’ experience, the ZERO TO THREE member community is where you belong. Grow your personal and professional identities alongside early childhood professionals from all disciplines.

Take advantage of the following benefits at no cost as a ZERO TO THREE member:

  • Unlimited live virtual events presented by experts on topics critical to your work, and a library of recorded events to access at your convenience
  • Extensive network of professionals
  • Subscription to the ZERO TO THREE Journal
  • Monthly and bi-monthly newsletters offering the latest research and best practice
  • Exclusive online tools and resources



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