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Shape I-Spy

Help children with math; Find different geometric figures around you with the Geometric Figure Spy activity.

Activity 12: Finding shapes all around you


Objects around the house or in your neighborhood

Try It Out:

  1. Point out shapes to your child throughout the day. Start with circles and squares. For example, say: “Look, those plates are shaped like circles!” or “The window is a square.”
  2. Have your child look for shapes, too. For example, ask: “Can you find any shapes in this room?”
    • If your child points at a shape but doesn’t say its name, say the name of the object and its shape, such as: “That’s right, the floor tile is a square.”
    • If your child says the name of the shape, repeat it back to him and suggest tracing it: “Yes, that’s a circle. Let’s trace it with your finger.”
  3. If your child can recognize circles and squares, introduce triangles and rectangles.

Making the Most of This Activity:

Try the activity in different places across the day: outdoors, at the grocery store, in the library, in your home, at the bus stop.


Was your child able to find and name shapes at home and when you were out? If not, continue pointing out and naming shapes as you see them, and try the activity again in a few weeks.


American Institute for Research


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