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Starfish Breathing

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A Mindfulness Practice for Families

In this practice, use the sensations of breathing and touch to settle your mind and body. Show how to do it and have your child copy you.

  • Choose a hand to be your starfish. Extend this hand, palm out, with fingers spread like a starfish.
  • Use the pointer finger from your other hand to trace the starfish as you breathe. Start at your thumb, and as you breathe in, trace up your thumb to the top. Do this carefully, so your movement matches your inhale.
  • Now, with your out breath, trace down the inside of your thumb. Again, move slowly paying attention to keeping the breath and movement together.
  • Continue breathing up and down each finger, matching your movement with your breath. As you breathe and trace, notice the sensations of movement in your body – your chest and belly moving in and out and your finger moving up and down.
  • When you come to the base of your wrist below your little finger, rest for a moment. Check in with yourself. Notice how you are feeling without overthinking or judging.
  • Try this again with your other hand.

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