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ZERO TO THREE Growth Chart – April 2018

Woman smilng with baby with words "Growth Chart, April 2018"

Every day, countless parents, professionals and policymakers count on us to help them improve the lives of babies and toddlers.

Woman smilng with baby with words "Growth Chart, April 2018"

The Safe Babies Court Team is Changing Lives

Blue photo if infant hand in adult hands titled "The Safe Babies Court Team Approach Is Changing Lives

ZERO TO THREE’s Safe Babies Court Team™ approach truly is transforming child welfare into the practice of child “well-being” by using the science of early childhood development, and improving the odds for these vulnerable babies and families.

A recent evaluation conducted at 12 Quality Improvement Center for Research-Based Infant-Toddler Court Teams sites, showed:

  • Maltreatment recurrence over 12 months among 251 children across sites was just 1.2%, compared with the national recurrence rate of 9.1% over 12 months.
  • Over two-thirds of families had regular parent-child contact—either daily or several times a week.
  • Most sites provided needed mental health services like child-parent psychotherapy in less than a week (31.7%) or within the first month (71.9%) of the family’s contact with the court team.

Later this year, the American Institutes for Research, in partnership with ZERO TO THREE, is launching a two-year study of the impact of the Safe Babies Court Team approach on parent and child well-being in three locations.

Learn more at zerotothree.org/safe-babies

ZERO TO THREE Leaders Receive National Recognition

Graphinc with photo of Matthew Melmed as the 2018 Whole Child "Visionary" Award

Whole Child Award winners are recognized for having made a signifi cant, tangible, and lasting impact on the whole child movement, supporting prenatal and maternal health and wellness and/or early childhood development and education for children ages zero to three. Each award recipient has elected systemic change and honorees are nominated by the community at large, and selected by committees comprised of field experts.

ZERO TO THREE Board Member Andrew Meltzoff, along with his Co-director of the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences at the University of Washington Pat Kuhl, were also recognized by the Simms/Mann Institute with the 2018 Whole Child “Community” Award. This is a wonderful recognition for their groundbreaking research in early childhood development and wide dissemination for practical uses in the community.

Board Member Alicia Lieberman was recognized as a Whole Child Award recipient in 2017.

This year’s award ceremony will take place on May 2 at the annual Simms/Mann Institute Think Tank to be held at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, CA.

The Simms/Mann Institute is dedicated to promoting the health and wellness of children, families and communities. Established in 2011, the Institute develops and implements innovative programs and resources that address the complex challenges facing individuals today.

Taking Action for Babies and Families

Graphic of part of white house and text "Taking Action for Babies and Families"

The ZERO TO THREE Policy Center is calling on Congress to act on legislation affecting young children and families.

We successfully advocated for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and are pleased that the program has now been extended for 10 years.

The Family and Medical Leave Act turned 25 years February. To mark the legislation’s 25th anniversary continue to move forward, we launched a new Paid Leave Advocacy Toolkit to support efforts to help advocates communicate the need for paid leave effectively with policymakers and networks. One key focus of the effort is to emphasize what is at stake when America’s workforce afford to take time off to spend with new babies.

ZERO TO THREE’s Think Babies campaign is back bigger than ever in 2018! This year, we are expanding our reach by collaborating with leading children’s advocacy rganizations in six states to bring message closer to home.

Sign up at thinkbabies.org today to learn more about Think Babies and Strolling Thunder and to find out how you can take action.

Introducing Our New HealthySteps National Director

Text "Introducing Our New HealthySteps Director" and an image of a woman and Healthy Steps Logo

Dr. Rahil Briggs has joined ZERO TO THREE as the new National Director of HealthySteps. Her arrival coincides with an exciting new era of ambitious plans for growth and program expansion.

Today, 120 pediatric and family medicine practices across the country have implemented HealthySteps and together serve more than 37,000 children ages zero to three. Moving forward, HealthySteps aims to reach more than 1 million children ages zero to three by 2032.

Blue Meridian Partners is investing $39 million in the first phase of HealthySteps’ long-term growth plan. With this investment, HealthySteps will increase the number of sites, expand evaluation activities, and strengthen the site network infrastructure.

As an evidence-based interdisciplinary pediatric care program, HealthySteps is transforming the promise of pediatric primary care to improve the health, development, well-being and school readiness of babies and toddlers by integrating a child development specialist into the primary care team.

Learn more about the impact of HealthySteps by watching our short video: zerotothree.org/healthystepsvideo.

Building Strong Connections

Graphic of three different colord trophies on green background with numbers 1, 2 3 and titled, Top, three resources on zerotothree.org

Every day, countless parents, professionals and policymakers search for information that can help them improve the lives of babies and toddlers.

Your support helps make resources like these available! Thank you for all you do to help infants, toddlers, and their families.

If you would like to make a gift to ZERO TO THREE or learn more about ways to give, please contact Hannah Hawley at (202) 857-2686 or [email protected].



ZERO TO THREE Growth Chart – April 2018

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