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Looking for convenient and cost-effective training options? Look no further than ZERO TO THREE. We offer official training on many of our most popular curricula in convenient locations around the country (and around the world).


At ZERO TO THREE, the health and safety of our early childhood professional community, including our faculty, is paramount. ZERO TO THREE has decided, out of an abundance of caution, to temporarily suspend travel for our faculty and discourage the social convening of individuals through in-person training to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

As needed, in-person training events are being rescheduled or conducted virtually through synchronous online learning. For more information regarding an upcoming event, please revisit this site for updates, or reach out to us at Thank you for your cooperation during this unprecedented global event.

ZERO TO THREE Critical Competencies for Infant-Toddler Educators™

Critical Competencies Coaching Program

Transform teacher-child interactions! Build coaches’ capacity to integrate the ZERO TO THREE Critical Competencies for Infant-Toddler Educators™ model and resources into current and potential coaching plans, curriculum, and strategies.

ZERO TO THREE Expert Faculty guide a cohort of coaches (or other TA providers, or program leaders responsible for coaching) through an intensive program that equips them with strategies and resources to help their coachees reflect on, practice and advance the Critical Competencies.

We now offer two options, virtual and hybrid approaches, for individuals or organizations to access the Coaching Program. Both the virtual and hybrid programs include five components with a robust suite of e-resources:

  1. ZERO TO THREE Critical Competencies for Infant-Toddler Educators Online Course (13 modules)
  2. Introductory web meeting (75 minutes)
  3. ZERO TO THREE Critical Competencies for Infant-Toddler Educators (in-person or virtual) 2-Day Coaches Seminar
  4. Cohort wrap-up web meeting (75 minutes)
  5. Additional coaching support (faculty virtual office hours, and online coaches and adult educator communities)

Upcoming Offerings

NEW VIRTUAL Critical Competencies Coaching Program


  1. The Online Course begins 7/15/2020 and must be completed by 8/9/2020
  2. Introductory web meeting will be hosted on 8/10/2020 (10am to 11am ET)
  3. 2-Day Virtual Coaches Seminar: September 9 (1pm to 5pm ET) - 10 (2pm to 5pm ET), 2020
    Where: Virtual
  4. Wrap up meeting will be hosted on 10/20/2020 (10am to 11am ET)
  5. Office hours will be held on 11/4/2020, 11/11/2020, and 11/18/2020

Fee: $1299 USD
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Faculty Institute: Critical Competencies

This two-day Institute provides a deep dive into the ZERO TO THREE Critical Competencies for Infant-Toddler Educators™. Participants will reflect on their current beliefs, knowledge, and practice guided by the Critical Competencies; identify, analyze, and begin applying understanding of the Critical Competencies that support social-emotional development in children and related instructional practices; and begin integrating the Critical Competencies model and resources into current and proposed courses and programs of study.

Upcoming Offerings

Two-Day Faculty Institute: Critical Competencies

When: TBD
Where: Erikson Institute, Chicago, IL
Fees: Early bird = $599 USD | Regular = $699 USD

We Make Critical Connections: Infants, Toddlers, and Educators

Built on the Critical Competencies, this one-day overview is designed to inspire and inform early childhood professionals. Learners will identify the competencies that educators can implement in their moment-to-moment interactions to support healthy development and learning. This professional learning experience encourages educators and those who support them to see themselves as vital to promoting the healthy development and learning of babies and toddlers.

Upcoming Offerings

Email us to be notified of upcoming offerings.

Official DC:0-5™ Training

Official DC:0-5™ training, delivered by ZERO TO THREE expert faculty, is designed for mental health clinicians, psychiatrists, pediatricians, nurse practitioners, and early intervention specialists whose work with infants, young children, and their families, involves diagnostic formulation and treatment.

Sessions fill up quickly, so make plans today.

Upcoming Offerings

Certified DC:0-5 Training-of-Trainers in Australia

When: June 5-6, 2020*
Preceding the 2020 WAIMH World Congress
Where: Rydges South Bank Hotel, South Brisbane
Trainer: Kathy Mulrooney

Certified DC:0-5 Training-of-Trainers in Michigan

When: September 23-24, 2020
Where: Agroliquid Conference Center, St. Johns, MI

How to Register

To register, you must first complete the ZERO TO THREE Certified Trainer: DC:0-5™ provisional certification application through the Learning Center:

  1. Log in/create an account on the ZERO TO THREE Learning Center.
  2. Select Apply/Renew under Trainer Certifications on your profile page.
  3. Click “Apply for ZERO TO THREE Certified Trainer: DC:0-5™.”

You are encouraged to download the Trainer Certification Overview: DC:0-5™ to help you confirm you meet the provisional certification criteria, and are ready to provide documentation of meeting it. You will receive application status updates from the Learning Center; approved applicants will be notified of upcoming DC:0-5™ Training-of-Trainers events, with a direct link for registration.

The Growing Brain Training-of-Trainers

This innovative training curriculum focuses on giving trainers evidence-informed strategies with which to prepare early childhood providers for their vital role in building healthy brains. The curriculum fills a unique niche by providing a comprehensive understanding of how the brain develops, along with ways the provider can encourage healthy brain development in children from birth to 5 years old. Find out more.

Upcoming Offerings

The Growing Brain ToT

When: August 10-14, 2020
Where: Virtual
Fee: $499 USD
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Our newly designed virtual training of trainers combines live online events and self-study to support your journey towards becoming a ZERO TO THREE certified trainer of the Growing Brain curriculum.

Our virtual learning environment provides you with a variety of independent and small group learning experiences. You will engage in a guided self-study of the curriculum, have in-depth discussions about content with a ZERO TO THREE faculty, brainstorm with other adult educators about strategies for delivery, and create activities that meet the learning needs of the early childhood professionals you support!

The Growing Brain Virtual Training of Trainers has four parts:

  1. Pre-recorded ToT Orientation (August 10th, 90 minutes) – At your convenience, guided by our expert faculty, orient yourself to the Growing Brain training manual and resources, and learn about the ToT activities in the week to come
  2. Complete a Guided Self Study (August 11th, 2 hours) – Dive deep into the curriculum with expert faculty guidance. Explore the content and begin to plan for engaging your participants in the curriculum.
  3. Join Live Webinars (August 12th, 2pm – 5pm ET, and August 13th, 2pm – 5pm ET) and our ZERO TO THREE Growing Brain ToT Online Learning Community – join ZERO TO THREE’s expert faculty as they lead you and other trainers in an exploration of the Growing Brain curriculum via live webinars. Continue your conversations online in your cohort’s private online discussion forum. Gain insights and expertise about the content and activities from the expert faculty and trainers across the country while contributing to a shared understanding of how to effectively deliver The Growing Brain.
  4. Join a Live Wrap-Up Meeting (August 14th, 2pm – 5pm ET) – Learn about the next steps in your journey to becoming a ZERO TO THREE certified trainer, participate in Q/A, and most importantly contribute to and learn from others in an online facilitated learning community event titled, Wonderings. In this learning experience you will have the opportunity to ask as well as answer the important questions that support you and your cohort in effectively delivering the Growing Brain curriculum.

The Growing Brain ToT

When: TBD
Where: The Family Conservancy, Kansas City, KS

The Growing Brain ToT

When: October 6-7, 2020*
Preceding the ZERO TO THREE Annual Conference
Where: Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, UT
Fees: Early bird (ends September 7) = $499 USD | Regular (September 8-September 29) = $549 USD
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ZERO TO THREE Trainer Certification

Attend any Growing Brain training and become a ZERO TO THREE Certified Trainer! You are encouraged to download the Trainer Certification Overview: The Growing Brain to help you confirm you meet the provisional certification criteria, and are ready to provide documentation of meeting it.

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