Medical and Health Care Resources for Military Families

Strong Foundations in Pediatric Care: Promoting Resiliency in Military Families is a collection of materials created for the health care professional working with military families with very young children who may be experiencing significant deployment-related challenges.

These challenges can affect the health and well-being of the children in your care. As a highly respected and valued resource for parents, what you communicate significantly impacts how they cope and, ultimately, how they help their children through stressful situations. ZERO TO THREE has worked closely with medical professionals to develop these resources to determine what a family’s needs are, and resources to provide to families coping with deployment, reunification, injury, or the loss of a parent. Download these materials now!

Resources for Professionals

Introduction to Health Care Management provides an overview of the material available, as well as how best to use the resources in your practice. Three companion pieces are provided for the health care professional to help ask the necessary questions to assess the military family’s needs. These are: Pre-Deployment/Deployment, Reunification, and Service Member Injury—Physical/Psychological.

Taking Care of Yourself and Your Baby

ZERO TO THREE has also developed four parental guides in their Taking Care of Yourself and Your Baby series. These have been designed for health care professionals to share with parents.

  • Resource

    Reunification: Taking Care of Yourself and Your Baby

    As saying good-bye is often so difficult, it seems saying hello should be easy. But homecoming can also be stressful. This handout provides advice for how to take care of yourself and your baby.

  • Resource

    Coping When a Parent Is Injured

    When a Service member returns home injured, the entire family is affected. It is important that each family member gets the support he or she needs so that the family, as a whole, can stay strong and…

  • Resource

    Coping With Separation and Deployment

    Deployment can be a very stressful experience, both for you and your child. This handout provides advice for how to take care of yourself and your baby.

  • Article

    When a Military Parent of a Baby or Toddler Dies

    Although your baby or toddler can’t understand the details of her parent’s death, or understand what it means to die, she is aware that something is happening. This handout provides advice advice …