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Understanding Developmental Milestones and Monitoring Child Development


Volume 43 No 1

The term developmental milestone is generally understood as a marker for how an infant or young child is growing and developing. Parents
and other caregivers of very young children, and the professionals who commonly have relationships with them—such as pediatricians, early childhood educators, and home visitors—may identify emerging concerns when developmental milestones are not observed at the expected age. However, there is a wide range of individual variation in each child’s development. Exploring the child and family’s social and cultural context is essential to understanding a child’s behavior and functioning, parenting practices, and systems of belief and values—all of which have an impact on child development and early relationships. Partnering with families to identify emerging concerns, along with recognizing family strengths and resources, provides the best opportunity for successful early intervention.

Table of Contents

Pg 5-CDC’s “Learn the Signs. Act Early.”: Developmental Milestone Resources to Improve Early Identification of Children With Developmental Delays,Disorders, and Disabilities
Julia Abercrombie, Lisa Wiggins, and Katie K. Green

Pg 13-Promoting Good Health, Strong Families, and Positive Early Learning Experiences: State of Babies Yearbook: 2022
ZERO TO THREE Policy Center

Pg 18-Ensuring Every Child’s Success: Early Identification of Developmental Delays and Disabilities Through the Medical Home Model
Jennifer Zubler, Susan J. Kressly, and Sara del Campo de Gonzalez

Pg 28-Promoting Family Engagement and Early Identification of
Developmental Delays: The Role of Act Early Ambassadors

Jennifer Hall-Lande, Deana McGuire Buck, Deepa Srinivasavaradan, Karen H. Brown, Gail S. Chödrön, and Stephanie Weber

Pg 39-Identification of Sensory Processing and Sensory-Based Movement
Disorders in Infants and Young Children

Susan A. Stallings-Sahler and Gilbert M. Foley, with consultation and contributions from Marie E. Anzalone

Pg 46-Toward Truly Universal Screening: Addressing Disparities in Early Childhood Screening in Pediatric Primary Care
Rachel Wirtshafter and Diane Lee

Pg 55-The TREEHOUSE Program: Promoting Early Childhood Development and Parent–Child Interaction via Telehealth in Pediatrics
Margo Candelaria, Ken Tellerman, Anna Maria Wilms Floet, and Heather Whitty

Pg 66-Speech, Language and Feeding of Children Birth to 5 Years Old and the Use of Developmental Milestone Checklists
Lemmietta G. McNeilly

Pg 70-Supporting Caregivers in Nurturing Their Young Child’s Development
Kathy Reschke, with Margaret Tomcho, Lizette Melis, Barbara Skodje-Mack, and
Claire O’Connell Boogaard

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