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Sarah LeMoine

Sarah LeMoine

Senior Director, Professional Innovations

What the mission means to Sarah: For Sarah, the mission of ZERO TO THREE is all about focusing on the most critical years of a child’s life with a team of committed colleagues, members, and partners. During her time at ZERO TO THREE, this holistic approach, which brings families and professionals across disciplines and sectors together, has become the central focus of her work. 

Projects and Programs: Sarah knows that one essential way to improve the quality of life for babies is to support the adults in their lives, who in turn, help them thrive. That’s why she has focused her career on building quality professional development opportunities, systems, and policies. With over 30 years of experience, the list of resources she has created is considerable. Notably, Sarah co-authored ZERO TO THREE’s Critical Competencies for Infant-Toddler Educators™, an extensive suite of professional development tools for early childhood professionals. She has authored and contributed to numerous professional publications and spoken at hundreds of conferences nationwide. 

“Being a member offers, first and foremost, a community of professionals that care as deeply as you do about serving babies and toddlers and their families. Membership provides you with  cross-discipline perspectives, deep connections and content resources and experiences. Perks also include discounts for materials, monthly virtual events, and a supportive online community. As a member, you are our baby ambassador. We love to hear your wonderings and suggestions as we consider options and pilots. We value who and how you are, and everything you contribute to our shared mission.”

Future Vision: Sarah will continue to showcase ZERO TO THREE as the professional home for everyone who works to support babies and their families. For Sarah, this includes professional development offerings as well as improving the resources available to ZERO TO THREE’s members.  “We know a lot of foundational and positive things we need to do to support babies, toddlers, their families, and early childhood professionals,” she says, “Yes, there is much we still need to wonder about and learn, and we will, together; we should embrace ongoing learning to advance our shared mission. And we can continue to build on what is working now and be brave enough to stop doing what is not.”

To learn more about the work Sarah and her colleagues are doing with Zero to Three, request a media inquiry or for Sarah to speak at your event