Identity and Belonging in Early Childhood Settings

The ZERO TO THREE Journal | Vol 39 No 3

Who am I? Where do I fit? These are universal questions central to the experience of being human. It’s not surprising that the roots of identity can be found in early childhood. The formation of a positive, healthy sense of self and belonging is an aspect of social–emotional development that is foundational for a child’s current and future well-being, learning, and successful functioning in society. The articles in this issue of the Journal explore several facets of children’s developing sense of self and belonging, and the intersecting contexts of family, culture, and classroom community.

Table of Contents

Pg 2—This Issue and Why It Matters

Pg 5—Who Am I?: Developing a Sense of Self and Belonging

Pg 10—Early Origins of Identity: Infants’ and Children’s Thinking About Language and Culture

Pg 18—Supporting Individual and Community Identity Development in Infant–Toddler Classrooms

Pg 26—Practicing Inclusion, Doing Justice: Disability, Identity, and Belonging in Early Childhood

Pg 36—The ABCs of Diversity and Inclusion: Developing an Inclusive Environment for Diverse Families in Early Childhood Education

Pg 44—Cross-Sector Allies Together in the Struggle for Social Justice: Diversity-Informed Tenets for Work With Infants, Children, and Families

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Released bi-monthly, each issue of the ZERO TO THREE Journal focuses on a critical topic within the early childhood development field. Journal articles are carefully composed to present current knowledge, latest research, and practical advice to help early childhood professionals do their best work in support of infants and toddlers.

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