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Baby, I’m Home

military father greets young son

The many sacrifices servicemembers make, especially when there’s a baby or toddler at home, can be hard to imagine. Grab some tissues, because these reunification videos will remind you how strong and resilient military families are, and how grateful we are for their service.

This 2-year-old hasn’t seen his dad in a month. That may not seem like a long time, but in the eyes of a toddler, that is AGES! Watch as this toddler is unable to contain his excitement when his father walks through the door.

While you and I understand that these soldiers are in the middle of something important, all this little girl sees is her dad. Watch as she is unable to contain her excitement and races toward her dad to give him a hug she’s waited long enough for.

There’s nothing more heartwarming than watching a toddler make a bee-line straight toward the parent they’ve been missing for months.
We’re not crying. YOU’RE crying. If you’re like us, you might spend the rest of the day watching these clips. Here’s another compilation of many more heartwarming military reunions to get you through the day.

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