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Deployment: How to Keep Relationships Strong

Brochure cover with wife and child kissing man in military uniform

This brochure focuses on how to help your baby or toddler feel secure whether you are at home together or halfway across the world.

Your relationship with your child gives her a base of security that allows her to explore, discover, and learn. When you share her excitement about her latest discovery, you nurture her inborn curiosity and desire to understand her world. When you respond in loving ways, you help buffer her from stress.

Building a trusting, nurturing relationship with your child means (a) trying to understand what his sounds, words, gestures, and actions tell you and (b) responding to those messages. It can be hard to pay close attention to him when you are coping with goodbyes and changes that are part of deployment. Download the resource and learn more.

Deployment – How to Keep Relationships Strong


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