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Teddy Bear Climbs a Chair

Help children learn to describe location with words such as above, below, near, and in front of with The Bear Climbs on a Chair.

Activity 5: Describing the location of objects using words such as on top, under, next to, and in front


A small toy, such as a teddy bear or stuffed animal

Try It Out:

  1. Ask your child to put the teddy bear on or on top of something, such as a chair. If he does, say, “Yes, Teddy is on the chair.” If he puts it someplace other than on, say, “Not quite. Can you put him on the chair?” Then show him what on looks like.
  2. Ask your child to place the teddy bear under the chair and follow the same steps as in number 1.
  3. Repeat this activity using the concepts next to, in front, behind, in, and out, using different pieces of furniture as needed.

Making the Most of this Activity:

Ask your child to find and bring you different items based on their location. Say, “Can you bring the book that is on top of the bookshelf?” “Can you bring me the toy car that is under the chair?”


Was your child able to understand the words you used to describe the location of objects? If not, he might not be ready for this activity and you can try again later. Continue using the descriptive language to help him learn these words.


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